Kamis, 28 Januari 2010

Soal Since And For

Fill the blank with Since / For and change the verb in the bracket to the correct form.
1. We haven’t seen him …. Several months
2. She has been in her room …. Hours.
3. My uncle has worked for the company ……. 10 years ago
4. My father has been a director of the school …. I (be) born
5. He has used his car to drive everywhere …. 1979
6. We haven’t met him …. The last ten years
7. He hasn’t gone to jogja …. He (graduate) from UGM
8. the man has gone away … his parents (pass) away
9. Tomy and his brother have gone to school by their old bike … a year
10. The students have joined the program … three months

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